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Wehner Mansion and Winery

In the early 1800's, the United States started to recognize the Spanish Land Grants. The patent where the mansion now stands was issued to Anthony Chaboya in 19859.

According to Harld Wehner, San Jose insurance man and nephew of the builder, the house was built by his uncle, William Wehner, in 1870.William Wehner was born in Germany, but immigrated to Chicago and opened a crockery store. He also had a road show type exhibit call "Panorama," which he sent around the country. It was a huge canvas with paintings of scenes from the Civil War.

The house had 7 bedrooms, 7 fireplaces and 5 bathrooms. It was known as "Villa Vista - Valley of The Hearts Delight," and had a 5 acre park.The grape vines were imported from France, and it is estimated that the first phase of the winery was completed in about 1875. While no one is able to say just when the olive trees were planted, it is felt they went in at the time the house was under construction, which would make them 100 years old.

The old gate entrance, which is now on the golf course, marked the end of the county road and the entrance to private property. The estate was the "show place" of Santa Clara County. People from all over the peninsula made special trips by horse and buggy to see the beauty of Wehner Mansion.